CBD oil is a product that has great effects on our body, but also on the mind.  CBD Oil for Anxiety is something that produces physical symptoms, but is caused by our thoughts. In this article, we will take a closer look at the influence of CBD oil on anxiety. What can CBD oil do for anxiety? Could it really help you get rid of your anxiety problem, or at least lessen the anxiety?

Employability of CBD Oil for Anxiety

CBD oil can be used for many different complaints, it can be used for physical and mental problems and disorders. They are increasingly researching the effect of CBD on our human body. We now know that CBD has a positive effect on many health complaints. There are more and more people who use CBD Oil for Anxiety to live a healthy life, or even use it as a replacement for regular medicines (always consult a doctor!). Make sure to always buy a good quality CBD oil!

More people suffer from an anxiety disorder than you think

Many people worldwide suffer from an anxiety disorder. In fact, research has shown that anxiety disorder is the most common mental illness in the world. Millions of people suffer from it to a greater or lesser extent. Social anxiety disorder is the most common, this anxiety can increase to such an extent that you eventually experience serious obstacles in your daily functioning.

The reason why some people develop an anxiety disorder is very diverse. Several factors can play a role in this, such as:

  • A wrong upbringing
  • Being bullied as a child at school
  • Being criticized too much in everyday life
  • A traumatic experience
  • Going through a burnout.

The number of people with anxiety complaints is still increasing

In the Netherlands, at least 15% of the population has a phobia, such as a panic disorder or a (social) anxiety disorder. Unfortunately, it is only getting more. An anxiety disorder usually opts for medication and the use of cognitive behavioral therapy. With this you learn by looking up certain situations that you really don’t have to be afraid. Work is also being done on changing the thinking pattern, so that fears arise less quickly.

The most commonly prescribed medications are antidepressants and tranquilizers. These drugs ensure that emotions are muffled, so that the fear thoughts are no longer given space. However, other emotions such as joy and happiness are also suppressed, so that people often feel very dull and down.

Research on CBD Oil for Anxiety

The Altrecht Academic Anxiety Center has investigated the effect of using CBD Oil for Anxiety patients who follow cognitive behavioral therapy, but get little or no satisfaction from it. The CBD during this study was used in capsule form. (This form has the same effect as CBD oil).

During this research they found out that the use of CBD can reduce anxiety symptoms.

The anxiety patients who took CBD made more rapid progress in taking difficult steps than the patients who did not use CBD. The whole process of letting go of fears can thus be accelerated by using CBD. So very positive news!

The purpose of the studies of CBD oil in anxiety

By researching the effects that CBD Oil for Anxiety, they want to find out which people actually benefit the most from this new form of treatment. That’s why looking at the results for each individual patient is so important. If a treatment with CBD were ultimately successful, this could prevent other woes.

People with an anxiety disorder no longer need to undergo so many therapies or use drugs that often have unpleasant side effects. The costs can therefore also drop significantly for people with anxiety disorders and the treatment is much more effective.