For many people it is not entirely clear what CBD, in full cannabidiol, is exactly. For this reason we have written the blog with the explanation about CBD Products (A). It is always useful to read carefully about a product before you start using it. Read on and discover everything about CBD (A).


Cannabidiol is a vegetable substance that is grown naturally. Because it is an industrial cultivation, it is ensured that a high content of CBD is present in the plants. Sometimes there is still uncertainty about the psychoactive effect of CBD, in addition to the physical effects. However, CBD products contain little or no THC. As a result, no psychoactive effect is experienced when using CBD.


If you have decided to give CBD a try. But which products are available? A brief summary shows which types of CBD products are all on the market:

  • CBD Oil
  • CBD Paste / CBD syringe
  • CBD capsules
  • CBD Ointment
  • E-cigarette with CBD extracts

CBD oil (or paste) can be taken orally directly or mixed with a meal as a flavor additive. You will immediately receive the CBD and can achieve optimal results with a few or a few drops per day. The CBD ointment is an easily spreadable cream that is quickly absorbed by the skin.

You can also order an E-cigarette and add a cartridge filled with CBD liquid. This way you inhale the CBD without the health risks associated with smoking. Inhaling CBD is considered the most effective method.


Because you have different options for using CBD, there is always a method that suits your own wishes and needs. So you can also easily alternate the use of the oil, paste, ointment, tablets and E-cigarette. It is important that you first study the correct dosage for your CBD product. It is best to start with a low dose, after which you can always build it up over time.


What is CBD? After you have received extensive answers to this question, you are probably also curious about where it comes from. Several suppliers in Europe are authorized to supply CBD products for sale to consumers. CBD-Expert only uses suppliers who can guarantee fully organic cultivation and a natural process. This way you are assured of high-quality products of pure quality and optimal results.

The various CBD products come from, among others, the Medi-W Foundation, Medihemp, but also Endoca and Kanavape. These are all suppliers who meet the strict rules and requirements of European quality marks and certificates.

These suppliers supervise the entire process, from harvesting the plants to the final production of CBD products. This means that the process is biological from start to finish, without the intervention of other parties. Therefore, no use of pesticides or other chemicals takes place.

At CBD-Expert you are assured of the highest quality CBD products and you can enjoy the long-term benefits that CBD can yield for you. View the range of CBD items and place your order today!